Posted by: commissioner | September 3, 2009

Welcome New Players… And A Challenge

xboxWelcome to all our new players!

And… a hearty thanks to MJD over at Yahoo’s Shutdown Corner blog.  One simple mention from him and we had more traffic in 6 hours than the previous two months combined.  Thanks, MJD! (seriously, if you don’t read his stuff, but you love the NFL… you should be reading his stuff).

And now for the challenge: I need your help promoting this thing.  We currently have about 55 registered players (out of a few thousand who visited).  That’s pretty good.  That’ll be a good, fun little game.

But I still think it’s a better experience if we can get a few hundred.  So I thought I’d put my money where my mouth is.  If you guys can use Facebook, Twitter, email, your blog or Tumblr, word of mouth–heck, Pony Express–to get us up over 300 registered players… then I’ll plunk down my own money to make the grand prize something worth fighting for:  a brand new gaming system of your choice (Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Wii).  How’s that for sweet?

tvIf we get over 500, I’ll make it a flat screen TV at least 30 inches.  Sound good?

But I have to put some sort of deadline on it… So let’s say by September 20th.  That gives us 17 days from today.  We’re shooting for at least 300 players by September 20th.


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