Posted by: commissioner | September 2, 2009

Players Continue To Provide Tons Of Fodder For Our Little Game

We’re a few days away from the kick-off date for Fantasy UnSports–the actual scoring begins Sunday, September 6, 2009–and players continue to prove how right we were about the number of off-the-field incidents that come out of the NFL.  Here’s just a sampling of the Point Qualifying Events (PQE’s) that have occurred this week:

Culpepper Attacked By Carpet – 40

Dante Culpepper somehow injured himself on the carpet in his home… and injury that required 8 stitches.  Why do I get the feeling we’re not getting the whole story here?  40 points for a non-sports-related injury.

Brett Favre Thugs It Up – 15

Favre isn’t really known for vicious crackback blocks–or, I should say, he wasn’t known for them until Monday.  Now he’s known for them.  And fined for them.  15 points for getting the fine.

Osi Goes Off The Deep End – 20

Umenyiora got in a fight with his coach and thought the best resolution was to skip practice.  Oops.  Now he’s the most apologetic man in sports.  20 for the fight with his coach, but I need to add a note about skipping practices to the Points page.

Accidental Andre – 30

Andre Smith, after holding out for weeks, finally signed with the team that drafted him in the first round… the Cincinatti Bengals.  Too bad he immediately got injured and will be out for weeks.  Doh!  Wonder if poor conditioning and not being in football shape played a role?  30 points for a football-related injury.

Okay, kids.  We’re taking sign ups throughout the entire season.  With the unpredictable NFL, we think even people who sign up once the season is underway still have a shot to win Fantasy UnSports.  All it takes is a PQE with a high point value to put you in contention.

Tell your friends to sign up.  Five minutes to sign up, then the maintenance is done.  You can sit back for 18 weeks and read my snarky summaries of the stupid things NFL players are guaranteed to do this season.

And now, for your viewing enjoyment… the Brett Favre Is A Tough Guy Crackback Block Video:


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