Posted by: commissioner | September 1, 2009

Fantasy UnSports About To Begin – Tell Your Friends

Howdy Fantasy UnSports players!

Our season kicks off in just a few days (yes, I know the deadline keeps moving).  Saturday, September 5th, 2009, is the final deadline for NFL roster cuts, meaning each NFL team must be down to their 53-man roster by or on that day.

That means our little game begins the following day, Sunday, September 6th.

And guess what… we’ve decided not to close registration after the season begins.  We figured… what the heck.  Why not allow players to sign up and compete all throughout the season.  If they pick the right teams and individuals for their Fantasy UnSports roster… they might score enough points to contend regardless of when they started playing.

But we need your help.  We still have a few slots open–okay, many slots open–and we need you NFL gossip-hounds to pound the digital pavement for us and stump for more players.  Take to your Twitter.  Fly to your Facebook.  Energize your Email.  We are the only fantasy football game that lets you score points for all the crazy antics the players get up to off the football field.  Tell your friends about Fantasy UnSports today!


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