Posted by: commissioner | August 19, 2009

Holy Huge Week In Fantasy UnSports Action, Batman!

Wow… this would have been a great week for our little game to actually commence, at least in terms of massive amounts of Point Qualifying Events.  I’ll try and hit most of the highlights below, but there’s been more off-the-field ridiculousness in the last week than I can possibly cover right now.  Here goes:

Vick to Eagles.

Kind of surprised that Vick would go to the team whose fans booed Santa Claus.  Have to believe there will be some grief given at the early home games.  Vick signing isn’t a PQE in and of itself.  However, his suspension for the first six games of the season counts for 20 Points.

Raiders Coach Boxing Match

The allegations are that Raiders head coach Tom Cable punched an assistant coach in the face.  The team has denied it, using a number of wildly different explanations, which almost certainly means it happened.  And I’m not sure why a coach should be protected from this crap.  If a player did it… he’d be fined and probably suspended.  The coach is just allowed to lie and get away with it?  Either way, Cable’s tantrum would earn you 20 Points had our season started (tantrum/fight at practice).

Brett Favre A Viking

Who’s surprised here?  Anyone?  Let’s see the hand of the guy who actually believed Brett was done?  Now, let’s point and laugh at the guy with his hand up.  Favre unretiring would earn you a whopping 50 Points.

Wide Receiver Overvalues Self

Brandon Marshall is barking again in Denver, telling the team they should trade him.  Hey Brandon… didn’t anyone tell you that such behavior will earn our players 3o Points?

Rex Ryan Talks Smack

Rookie Head Coach Rex Ryan–a guy who has yet to win a single NFL game–talked a bit of smack about Bill Belicheck, who has won… you know… a few games here and there.  Taunting another team’s players or coaches is good for 30 Points.

A lot more than just that happened the last few days, but I’m exhausted from writing those tiny blurbs.

Remember to tell your friends.  We have about 2 weeks left before our PQE’s actually count and you start earning points.  And we’ve decided not to close the registration for now… meaning players can still sign up and start playing even after the season is underway (hey, they could hit the jackpot with the right player and still beat teams that were in on the whole season).


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