Posted by: commissioner | August 11, 2009

This Week In Fantasy Unsports Points

Fantasy UnSports season will start the first week of September, but there are already players committing point-qualifying events… giving us a glimpse into what our season might look like.  Here’s a bit of a round up of such players:

Michael Crabtree. He’s a holdout… 20 points.  He also might sit out the entire year and get drafted again because he feels he should make more money than a guy drafted higher than him.  He’s off to a wonderfully delusional start, isn’t he?

Tom Brady. He was on Entourage this past Sunday… 30 points.  Did pretty well for a guy who doesn’t act much.

Josh Hamilton (honorable mention).  Too bad baseball players can’t earn you some points in Fantasy UnSports, because Hamilton would have netted you at least 40 or 50 points this week.  Photos surfaced of him partying it up in a nightclub with some ladies who aren’t his wife.  Oops.

Hey guys… tell your friends about us.  This is a free game to play, and we’ve got about 20 days until the season starts… and I’d like to get some more teams in here.  Thanks!


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