Posted by: commissioner | July 27, 2009

T.O. Says Goodell Should Experience Jail – 25 Points

Terrell_OwensT.O. says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should reinstate Michael Vick immediately.  He thinks Vick has “done the time” for his crime and that the commissioner is just hating.  He even suggested that Goodell should go to jail for about 23 months to see what it’s like.

T.O. is wise beyond his years, folks… surely you knew this already.  But while his wisdom may be obvious, his comments were still critical of the commish–netting 25 points for any squad that has T.O. on it (too bad the season hasn’t started yet, because those points don’t count).

Tune in tomorrow when T.O. says something silly again.  I would seriously consider putting this moron on your roster, because it’s looking like an entire season of hilarity (and points).


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