Posted by: commissioner | June 1, 2009

Welcome To Fantasy UnSports

Skip this introduction crap and sign up now!

A new era has dawned on fantasy sports, allowing nerds like you and me to combine our obsessions with celebrity and sports gossip blogs with our passion for fantasy sports.

Fantasy UnSports is a fantasy sports game where touchdowns and yards mean nothing, and arrests and outlandish behavior mean everything.  Your player had three touchdowns against the Redskins?  Big whoop.  Your player got a DUI?  Jackpot!

Fantasy UnSports is gloriously low-tech.  Yes, I know this is a website, but that’s pretty much where the technology ends.  I have no expertise in building custom databases or money to hire a programmer.  So, until I have either, we’ll go the lo-fi route.  I’ll be keeping track of players, rosters, and points earned in a spreadsheet and updating the blog here daily with new point-accruing events.

Because of the extreme amount of work that will create, we’ll be capping Fantasy Unsports at 500 players… for now.  Should we somehow get more than 500 interested, we’ll start a second “flight” of 500.  Should it attract even more interest, well… at that point I’ll just have to sell one of my dogs or something to pay for a custom database.  Ideally we’ll just all have fun, and if the site is successful we’ll go the full-blown automated route next year.

We’re also sticking exclusively to the NFL for this innaugural season.  Eventually, Fantasy UnSports will run year-round and players can choose teams and players from any professional sporting league (I call Andy Rodick!!).

The Commisioner (that’s me) will have sole discretion on whether off-the-field antics count for points–see our current list of “qualifying events”.  This list will continue to grow over the months leading up to the start of the NFL season.  If a player commits an act that is somehow not on our list of qualifying events, you guys are welcome to let me know and petition the commissioner to count the act for points.  You are also encouraged to email me tips on stories that mention qualifying events to help make sure you don’t miss out on points for your team.

The blog here on the home page will be updated close to daily, as qualifying events occur.  Players are encouraged to “keep score at home”.  I’ll be marking and tracking all qualifying events and player names, but since we’re all about the lo-fi, non-tech way of doing things, you might want to have your own records in case there is a dispute on your team’s score at season’s end.

The winner will receive a fantastic prize. More details on the prize as we move forward.  But there will be a prize, and it will be something cool like a flat-screen TV or an Xbox 360 or something… even if I have to buy it with my own money.

There is no weekly setting-of-the-roster necessary.  If you wish to make waiver moves, you may do so by emailing me at “” and I will amend your roster.  The Fantasy UnSports team with the most points at season’s end will receive the prize.  Sweet!

You can explore our pages to read our FAQ, the list of point qualifying events, the rules, and more.  But first… Go Sign Up Today!



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